Archives for December 2013

Keeping the Endangered Alive at the Post Office

At the Schuyler Street Post Office, a mailing unit (that’s me) has time to watch other mailing units in their happy and un-happy incarnations. I will not do business in several of the other nearby postal stations. I especially avoid Rose City Park Station where the workers specialize in causing line-backup and frustration. But at Schuyler Street Station, the workers have done a one-eighty on Rose City Station’s philosophy of service. At Schulyer Street, they know how to keep the customers … [Read more...]

Mr. Bulging Tattoo emerges as Mr. Pin Striped Suit

At Weidler Street Gym, we have timid tattoos, bold tattoos and the vicious. Some vicious images appear on the mildest folks. Snarling cougars cover the guy now smiling at the old lady. He steps aside so that she can use the Cybex that is next on his To-Do list. Some permanent inks fit the wearer. At Weidler Street, we’ve seen a beautiful design of roses entwined with thorns. These appear on the lady who can’t look anyone in the eye, the one so engrossed in self and image that she sees only … [Read more...]

Interviews: People Living Life Fully

I get a charge out of talking to someone about the things they love. When we meet someone who does a difficult job, we’re privileged. People generously share what they know. So join me as I interview those who take risks, solve problems, help others and live exciting lives.  Ideas for people to interview grow out of the stories I hope to tell.  During several years, I had the privilege of working with wonderful historians as we collected the history and the present-day stories of one of the … [Read more...]