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Fashion Statement

I did not take this photo. I restrained myself from whipping out the phone and clicking. That’s because I was sure Google Images would have a collection of significance. And sure enough. I’m in the Weidler Post Office again (weekly) and see that sagging drawers are still a statement after 25 years. I hesitate to call sagging a fashion statement. I’m sure my kids and their friends from many backgrounds were not stating anything more than “Let’s see if Mom will say something about this? Mom … [Read more...]

When to Admit I Need Help

I finally admitted I can't do it all. Not doing all is good for friendships. Lots of times, I've realized I need to get help, but I've gone plowing on, trying to do the things I almost know how to do. It's time I stop and get realistic. Here's what I did to force realism on myself. 1) I listed the things I want done that I can do 2) I listed the things I want done that I need to learn how to do 3) I listed a timeline for when I want these things done 4) Checked my timeline, … [Read more...]