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Introducing Young Writers at the Coffee Shop

The Sixth and seventh graders of the Happy Valley Writing Club were invited to read at the Rain or Shine Coffee Shop located at 60th and Division in Portland, Oregon. This invitation brought with it a lot of pride and some fear. “I’m not a good reader,” whispered one sixth grader to me. “But you are an excellent writer, so we’ll work on the reading. Not one of us is a good reader without practice, and that includes your teacher.” She didn’t believe me, of course. I read aloud to … [Read more...]

Being Prepared for the Big One, and the Small Ones, too

My friend, Ruth Jones, has tried to take care of her neighbors and her friends by joining Neighborhood Emergency Team (NET) program. Convincing complacent friends to be prepared has been an uphill slog for Ruth, but she keeps at it. Last month, friends were at my house for lunch. We talked (not for the first time) about Ruth’s hope that we are actually collecting the things we need to survive the next (and way overdue) big earthquake in Oregon.  Are YOU ready for the next big quake? So, … [Read more...]