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Trump Knows Just Enough History

 Donald Trump must have been paying some attention in history class. That’s where you can learn that being a bully works in America. We can’t be shocked that this is happening. It has happened so many times before that its effects are known. Our country has a long history of allowing the bully his (rarely her) sway over the public. The public becomes a tool of hate. Our fundamental values as a nation are spelled out in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the … [Read more...]

Guns Kill, Not People. So, Control the Money Behind Guns

We have allowed the Gun manufacturers and their front, called the NRA, to control all discussion. They threaten congress with their money.  Republicans, afraid of the gun makers' big money, refuse to discuss gun control, claiming we instead need to fight ISIL. They pretend this is an either/or choice. What Hooey! It's like pretending we need to choose between fighting ISIL and providing better mental health care. You and I know we can and do fight ISIL. At the same time, we can and must … [Read more...]