Interviews: People Living Life Fully

I get a charge out of talking to someone about the things they love. When we meet someone who does a difficult job, we’re privileged. People generously share what they know. So join me as I interview those who take risks, solve problems, help others and live exciting lives.  Ideas for people to interview grow out of the stories I hope to tell.  During several years, I had the privilege of working with wonderful historians as we collected the history and the present-day stories of one of the … [Read more...]

Pararescue, Mountain Rescue, Ocean Rescue A Day’s Work for Scott Light

January 2012 Have you heard all the arguments for going to college that you ever want to hear? Take a look at what Scott Light did instead. His many careers led him to college eventually, but by the time he decided to pursue a degree, he knew very well what he wanted to do, and he knew why. That made his path clear. His classes were not easy, but he had a reason to stick with them. He had experience and a goal. Air Force Senior Master Sergeant Scott Light has a laugh that can be heard for … [Read more...]