On the Way to the Earth Quake

 Do you know what direction your world turns? Do you know how to stop it from running around you in a blur of color? Here’s how to stop that feeling. After a year of writing about how we can get ready for an earthquake, I created my own personal earthquake a year and a half ago, and now I am recovered. I created a perfect earthquake by ignoring stuff in order to do something I love. Don’t do this at your house! My son and daughter-in-law know me well, and asked me to help as they … [Read more...]

Being Played?

Friday, September 16, 2016, on NPR, reporters covered one candidate's admission that Obama actually was born in the United States. They asked themselves if this announcement was important. They even asked themselves "Are we being played?" This is a question all news reporters should have asked themselves long ago. Dang betcha you all are being played. For months you've allowed yourselves to be attracted to the accident by the side of the road. You caused other accidents, and forgot your … [Read more...]