Fashion Statement

I did not take this photo. I restrained myself from whipping out the phone and clicking. That’s because I was sure Google Images would have a collection of significance. And sure enough. I’m in the Weidler Post Office again (weekly) and see that sagging drawers are still a statement after 25 years. I hesitate to call sagging a fashion statement. I’m sure my kids and their friends from many backgrounds were not stating anything more than “Let’s see if Mom will say something about this? Mom … [Read more...]

When to Admit I Need Help

I finally admitted I can't do it all. Not doing all is good for friendships. Lots of times, I've realized I need to get help, but I've gone plowing on, trying to do the things I almost know how to do. It's time I stop and get realistic. Here's what I did to force realism on myself. 1) I listed the things I want done that I can do 2) I listed the things I want done that I need to learn how to do 3) I listed a timeline for when I want these things done 4) Checked my timeline, … [Read more...]

Keeping the Endangered Alive at the Post Office

At the Schuyler Street Post Office, a mailing unit (that’s me) has time to watch other mailing units in their happy and un-happy incarnations. I will not do business in several of the other nearby postal stations. I especially avoid Rose City Park Station where the workers specialize in causing line-backup and frustration. But at Schuyler Street Station, the workers have done a one-eighty on Rose City Station’s philosophy of service. At Schulyer Street, they know how to keep the customers … [Read more...]

Mr. Bulging Tattoo emerges as Mr. Pin Striped Suit

At Weidler Street Gym, we have timid tattoos, bold tattoos and the vicious. Some vicious images appear on the mildest folks. Snarling cougars cover the guy now smiling at the old lady. He steps aside so that she can use the Cybex that is next on his To-Do list. Some permanent inks fit the wearer. At Weidler Street, we’ve seen a beautiful design of roses entwined with thorns. These appear on the lady who can’t look anyone in the eye, the one so engrossed in self and image that she sees only … [Read more...]

Intro to the blog

I focus my lens on the small -- the lady bug that landed in my kitchen sink, the oddly three-sided maple seed, the trail of unusual footprints. I focus my lens on the large -- the Grand Canyon from its river and from its cliffs, the city from the street and from the tower, the mountain blowing steam, and the bog becoming a meadow. I focus my lens on the human -- the small coin of daily adventure, the large coin of revelation, the picayune and the réal. Join me, add to my observations … [Read more...]

Tulip tree in winter

The beauty of dormancy And open space, Tulip Tree in winter A tulip tree towers above the corner of northeast Fifteenth Avenue and Wiedler Street in Portland, Oregon. Once endangered by progress, the tree was saved by neighborhood and city planners. In spring, its branches drape toward the small restaurant near its massive trunk. Light green leaves sway in the breeze, each leaf a child’s idea of a tulip in silhouette. Its magnolia- glossy flowers perch above the leaves, so are rarely … [Read more...]