Being Played?

hillary-clinton-speaking-thFriday, September 16, 2016, on NPR, reporters covered one candidate’s admission that Obama actually was born in the United States. They asked themselves if this announcement was important. They even asked themselves “Are we being played?”

This is a question all news reporters should have asked themselves long ago.

Dang betcha you all are being played. For months you’ve allowed yourselves to be attracted to the accident by the side of the road. You caused other accidents, and forgot your destination.

Every time you report obfuscations, you do it for entertainment, not to inform your audience. Where’s your need to inform? Where’s your need to ask the key follow-up questions?donald-trump

“What does each candidate stand for? Is their stance consistent? Supported with facts? Are the facts facts? Or smoke and mirrors?”

Each time you print or play a quote, ask yourself, “Am I doing this to entertain? Or “Am I doing this because it helps my audience make informed decisions?”

By now, you need to be giving us a lot more information about what Hillary Clinton proposes, because for over a year you’ve given that information short shrift.

So, she doesn’t give frequent press conferences. Stop being lazy. Go where she is every day. Find out what she says to the people who come to hear her.

And then tell us what you learn.  Hillary Rodham Clinton Signs Copies Of Her Book 'Hard Choices' In New York

Stop being played by the Unbelievable Whizbang who announces a “Really Important Revelation” and then tells us what we already know.