Coming of Age Novels

Scapegoat: The Hounded

Scapegoat: The Hounded — Alexander Evans-Lloyd and his friend Haroon Qubadi fight for Haroon’s father, who is unjustly accused of supporting terrorism. Scapegoat: The Hounded, creates a timely exploration of prejudice and the intersection of media, politics and religion. Richen weaves a tale of friendship and family that proves love and justice can prevail. A terrific choice for a book club and the family. This story stands alone, and also is a sequel to Scapegoat: The Price of Freedom.

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Scapegoat: The Price of FreedomScapegoat: The Price of Freedom is the story of fourteen-year-old Gilbert Evans (Gib), his friends and favorite teachers who, in 1953, become victims of the anti-communist fear mongering of Senator Joseph McCarthy. When local leaders in Gib’s hometown of Portland, Oregon, follow McCarthy’s tactics, panic about communism grows into hatred and rage. Gilbert and friends learn that turning off, or even deflecting mass hysteria has become nearly impossible, and very dangerous. AVAILABLE NOW!

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Uncharted Territory

Uncharted Territory is the story of seventeen-year-old Jack Huntington, all-state athlete and accomplished mountain climber. When a climbing accident nearly takes his life, Jack is forced to face his greatest fear. To save his family, Jack must recognize the vast difference between physical and emotional courage.

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