Romantic Suspense Novels

In Concert, Coming January 2018

A new series is coming to your collection of excellent stories Here comes humor, suspense and love, featuring women and men of deep character and great flaws. You’ll join in their struggles to obtain justice. You’ll join them as they battle evil, learn to laugh while wary, and finally, as they learn to love.

Rae Richen’s suspense novels feature strong women with special skills. When danger threatens, they can take care of themselves¬†as well as those who count on them for safety. When love enters their lives, however, they are sometimes taken by surprise, and often unwilling to recognize that the man they love is not part of the danger. They cannot be certain when to let down their defenses and stop fighting, because freedom and the safety of others is paramount in their values.

Coming soon, In Concert, the story of a young musician whose captivating on-stage aura belies her off-stage fears. Darya Zolesku disappears between her practice studio and her long anticipated concert at Sopron, Hungary. The world of classical music fears another ransom note followed by a¬†death — a heavy sadness for all who have heard her music. What the kidnappers don’t recognize is Darya’s strength of mind and her resourcefulness.