To Serve Those Most in Need

To Serve Those Most in NeedInterested in family history? You may be related to or know someone who was adopted, fostered, or helped through a crisis by the Albertina Kerr Centers. Or you may know someone who worked with children or adults in one of the centers’ many programs since its founding during the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition in 1907.

Rae Richen, researcher and interviewer with a special interest in history helped preserve an important piece of Northwest history in To Serve Those Most in Need: A History of Albertina Kerr Centers. Before writing the history of this flexible and long-lived organization, Rae Richen assisted the Albertina Kerr Historians in collecting and cataloguing material covering one hundred years of changing attitudes toward the desolate, the orphaned, the abandoned and the abused. Thousands of children and adults have been sheltered, counseled and educated by Albertina Kerr Centers since their founding as the Portland Commons Mission and Settlement in 1907.

Do you recognize these names from your family history?: the Louise Home; Wynne Watts School; Ruth Kerr Home for Girls in California; Medina Baby Home in Seattle; Albertina Kerr Nursery in Portland: Kerr Group Homes; Kerr Day Care Centers; Kerr Early Intervention Programs; Pacific Coast Rescue and Protective Society — these are just a few of the names of Albertina Kerr Centers, and a hint at the many ways Albertina Kerr Centers may have influenced your family or friends and our community.

This history might have been a part of your family history.

To Serve Those Most in Need is about to be reprinted and will then be available through Albertina Kerr Centers, Portland, Oregon.