Interviews: People Living Life Fully

I get a charge out of taSeeing the world in reflection.lking to someone about the things they love. When we meet someone who does a difficult job, we’re privileged. People generously share what they know. So join me as I interview those who take risks, solve problems, help others and live exciting lives.

 Ideas for people to interview grow out of the stories I hope to tell.

 During several years, I had the privilege of working with wonderful historians as we collected the history and the present-day stories of one of the Northwest’s oldest and largest social service organization. We heard stories from clients and their families, from administrators and front-line workers. We also collected information told in photos and in the written archives, where you can listen between the lines of historical record. Those stories became To Serve Those Most in Need, the history I wrote to celebrate nearly a century of work with orphans, the abused and the abandoned.

 More recent interviews are about climbing, mountain rescues, and hospital emergency practices. These interviews were for the writing of my novel, Uncharted Territory. The people who shared their expertise with me are people you will want to meet, too.