Speaking and Teaching

Rae Richen speaking

Rae Richen speaks to writers at Tabor Space, Portland (photo by Barbara Ashmun)

Besides opportunities to meet at book stores and in book discussion groups, Rae Richen teaches an after-school writing club for middle school students. She teaches an online storytelling class for high school students.

She also takes adults and students on adventure/writing excursions in the woods and wilds of Western Oregon on Mount Hood, at the coast and to her family’s tree farms in Columbia and Clatsop Counties (lumber trees, not Christmas trees, unless you like the Charlie Brown esthetic).

If your book discussion group would like to meet with the author, contact her at https://raerichen.com/about/contact/ .

Upcoming Events:

November 2015, at Book Design Forum, discussion of character design with suspense author Jon Patchet and memoir/essay author, Anita Blose.

Book discussion groups:

February 2016: Book Neighbors, (Scapegoat: The Price of Freedom)

June 2015: Corbett Gordon and friends, (Uncharted Territory)

July 2016: Book Neighbors, (Scapegoat: The Hounded) to be published fall 2015, sequel to The Price of Freedom

Middle and High School Writing Clubs:

Weekly: Short Story Writing, HVMS (Happy Valley Middle School), teacher, Rae Richen

2014-and 2015: North Clackamas High School Storytelling classes, online with in-person group work-shopping, taught by Rae Richen

Publication of Short Stories from Happy Valley, 2015 August

Adventure Writing Excursions:

TBA, summer 2016: Adventure/writing excursion to tree farm for adult writers:

June 26-28, 2015: Adventure/writing excursion to coast with adult writers: (full)

TBA summer 2015: Adventure/writing excursion to coast with HVMS student writers:

TBA summer 2015: Adventure/writing excursion to coast or mountain with North Clackamas High School Storytelling writers