Guns Kill, Not People. So, Control the Money Behind Guns


We have allowed the Gun manufacturers and their front, called the NRA, to control all discussion. They threaten congress with their money.  Republicans, afraid of the gun makers’ big money, refuse to discuss gun control, claiming we instead need to fight ISIL.

They pretend this is an either/or choice. What Hooey!

It’s like pretending we need to choose between fighting ISIL and providing better mental health care.

You and I know we can and do fight ISIL. At the same time, we can and must stand up to  gun makers and sellers. We can say, “You’re not free to sell to those who threaten harm to themselves and others.”

We can offer better health care to the mentally ill, all while fighting ISIL.

The young man in the Orlando night club was a wanna be, a man afraid of himself, with a need to feel power. A sick man.

We must control the sale of guns to the sick. We need to provide real help to the mentally ill. All it takes is courage to face money, and money to face money.  We have to decide to join Congressman John Lewis and the fifty congressmen and women who refuse to back down any longer from the power of the gun manufacturers.

Guns that kill many in seconds are not a self-protection device. Stop letting the NRA pretend unregulated speed-kill has anything to do with the Second Amendment. “A well-regulated militia” is not well-regulated if every sick person can shoot large numbers of the people he fears.

We can fight gun Manufacturers and their NRA  front men while fighting ISIL. We can provide health care and force our congressmen and senators to stop cowering in front of NRA threats. We

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speak up and give our representatives courage. We can send money to fight the gun lobby or to the congressmen and women who fight the gun lobby.

Demand action from those others in Congress. They are afraid they may finally have to make a choice between Gun Manufacturer money and the safety and wishes of the majority of their constituents. Tell them what that choice must be.

Tell congress you want them to stop hiding behind false arguments.