Be Prepared to Enjoy

Yes, we’ve talked about how to be prepared for the next emergency. We’ve got a long way to go to really be prepared and I worry about getting you, my eager readers, all the information we both should have.

But, in between writing about the butane stove and giving you-all our next ‘get ready’ alert, the world had given us some moments of wonder.

There was the moment I realized the family’s youngest girl is on the edge of learning to read. The excitement shone in her face as she began to sound out a story about Elephant and Piggie*.IMG_3782

And then there was the moment our Lenten Rose shot up out of the ground in one day and produced flower buds during day two.

Within that same week, I drove along the Alameda Ridge one afternoon after a particularly irrational opportunity to listen to a passle of twaddle-heads. I looked up from the road and realized the sun and the clouds together were telling me to leave worry, and enjoy the moment.

So, I pulled over to the curb and whipped out my phone camera. Telephone wires be danged, the sky beyond them was warm with light and dark with potential rain. The moment became all.



So, my fine readers, very soon, we will be back to the important effort to be prepared, but for this week, I hope you can join me in a moment of beauty.

*All right, here comes a book review. Elephant and Piggie Books are early readers by Mo Willems. Mo Willems is clever enough to keep both the youngster and their adult laughing as this really odd couple of friends learn how to get along even though their worlds are very different.

On our recent excursion to the children’s book section, we came home with Listen to my Trumpet. Piggie plays his new trumpet very badly and then asks for Elephant’s applause. Elephant has to decide whether to be honest with Piggie.

On our way home from the book store, every time we passed under a street lamp, our early reader sounded out a trumpet’s blatty-sound words. She had a wonderful time with Mo Willems’s made up noise words, never realizing she was learning how to read consonant blends like Bluuurk and Gleeeeek.

Willems has written is a whole series of these books, published by Hyperion Books for Children. You’ll enjoy right along with your youngsters.