Fashion Statement

I did not take this photo. I restrained myself from whipping out the phone and clicking. That’s because I was sure Google Images would have a collection of significance. And sure enough.

I’m in the Weidler Post Office again (weekly) and see that sagging drawers are still a statement after 25 years. I hesitate to call sagging a fashion statement. I’m sure my kids and their friends from many backgrounds were not stating anything more than “Let’s see if Mom will say something about this?

Mom said nothing, but easily won the footraces I challenged them to. Won’t be winning foot races in this year, but enjoyed saying nothing back then. I’m fast, but not naturally faster than my children, especially the ones with fast-twitch muscles

Their own britches lost those races for them. Hitching wastes time. The bow-legged hustle may keep the pants up, but doesn’t improve athletic prowess.

At the same time, I began to consider the statement each of us makes with our own clothes. Soon after the races, I went through my wardrobe and saw the statement made with my Levi-Strauss knock offs. “I’m as down home and easy to talk to as the governor of Oregon (Kitzhaber).

And on the days I don my dress blacks, I’ve no doubt I was stating that “This Queen Bee Breaks the Glass Ceiling”.

I’m certain what statement I make at our tree farm. In the woods I wear my anti-blackberry chaps, my tightly woven Filson shirt and my muddy combat boots. I’m telling the Himalayan blackberries and the invasive Scotch Broom “Beware. I own a machete and I know how to use it.”

And the young man in line at the Weidler Street Station? Is he saying, “I do because I can and you can lump it?” Back in 2010, a judge in New York City confirmed that he can.butt out

Aren’t we all entitled to our free speech clothing?